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Smart Protector 5.11

Deletes sensitive files created by the operating system automatically
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Protects your privacy by destroying certain files and logs that Windows creates automatically. Cleans the browser history, cookies, temporary files, typed URLs and autocomplete data, recycle bin content, Windows search history and more.

Smart Protector 5.5 is a privacy tool that protects your computer deleting files that harms your information.
Smart Protector erases hidden records of everything you are doing on the Internet. Smart Protector safeguard your privacy, job, secrets and anything else you want to keep private hiding your tracks by clicking the erase button.
This privacy tool is very easy and friendly to use, its GUI simple and easy to operate provides a simple program without complications to get quick results.
Smart Protector works with Internet Explorer, FireFox, AOL, Netscape and MSN. Your personal data will be safe while you enjoy navigating secure. This privacy tool also has the option to save the current state of your system and lately restore it. The settings are all selected by default to provide a complete protect. All options in the settings window are explained detailed to offer users information on the items to erase.
Smart Protector erases Internet history, cookies, temporary internet files, index.dat files, start page (only for IE), recent documents, recycle bin, URL autocomplete, typed URL’s, forms autocomplete, Windows temp folder and Windows search history to ensure the privacy of your information and free some space on your hard disk drive.
The installation process is very easy to perform. The documentation on the program includes its Help that provides a good guide to use this tool.
Smart Protector works on all Windows systems.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Smart Protector is a very easy to use tool that protects your information erasing files that could compromise your computer and your private information


  • Some features in FireFox are not working properly like erasing URL autocomplete and the forms autocomplete
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